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Info: What is Cold Reading For Business?

Short: It's applying cold reading psychology to business communications to help you sell, manage and negotiate.

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Longer: You can take cold reading psychology and apply it to business and professional communications. I call this Cold Reading For Business or 'CRFB' for short. It's an amazing communication skill to have and helps you to build rapport, create trust, connect, persuade and sell. It's especially useful if you're trying to build or grow your own business.

I've been teaching CRFB since 2008 (I used to call it ACR, 'Applied Cold Reading'.) My students have come from all over the world and from just about every walk of life.

Here's a simple way to think about CRFB. 

Consider what happens when a tarot card reader gives a reading to a client. If the reader is any good, within about 20 seconds she will manage to do all of the following:

  • Make the client feel welcome, and at ease.

  • Make the client feel valued and important.

  • Establish some credibility (in the eyes of the client) by making a few correct statements.

  • Established her role, i.e. how she wants to be perceived.

  • Empathise with the client’s situation, problems, cares etc.

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and co-operation, which fosters good rapport.

  • Create a positive tone, offering some comfort and hope.

CRFB is about learning how to do all these things and more, just as quickly, in business and professional situations. It's the fastest, surest way to establish good rapport with prospects, clients and customers, and when used correctly it works almost like magic.

When I teach CRFB, I include some related communication skills that are also well worth knowing.


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