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Info > What Is Mentalism?

Short: It's one form of magical entertainment.

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Longer: Within the magic world, there are lots of different specialisms. For example, some magicians specialise in card tricks or comedy magic, while others perform big stage illusions or do a cabaret act set to music.

Mentalism is magic of the mind and imagination. Mentalists typically explore themes such as reading minds, predicting future events and defying the laws of chance and probability. Very often, mentalism routines mention aspects of psychology, suggestion and influence.

Mentalists tend not to use the same kinds of props that other magicians use. We don't have brightly coloured boxes, shiny steel rings or glamorous assistants! It is perhaps the least 'visual' branch of magic. However, it can still be fun, intriguing and entertaining when it's presented well!

Mentalism isn't my job and never has been. However, magic is a large part of my life and I happen to specialise in mentalism. I'm a member of Magic Circle in London and although I'm neither famous nor important I have performed all over the world. I've also lectured on mentalism to other magicians at conventions and have so far published about 200 articles on mentalism in the trade press. I often use bits of mentalism in my work.

Some of my clients hire me to teach them mentalism. Warning: it takes as long to learn to perform mentalism well as it does to play the guitar or piano. If you aren't going to complete the journey, don't start it.

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