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Short: psychic powers; pick it up naturally; formal study; stocks and triggers; my SPR system.

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Longer: People learn about cold reading in various ways. Here's a summary of the commonest paths.

1. They're Psychic

They give readings based on their psychic or intuitive gifts. This, of course, leads us to the boring question of whether psychic powers are real (answer here).

2. They Pick It Up Naturally

Quite a few people discover they have a natural talent for giving readings. For example, they start 'playing around' with tarot cards and give readings to friends for fun. Then their friends start telling them that the readings are actually pretty good and spookily accurate. Before long, they convince themselves they have some sort of gift. The best account of this is Susan Blackmore's book, 'Adventures Of A Parapsychologist'.


3. They Formally Study A System

They choose a given discipline, such as tarot cards or astrology, and undertaking a formal course of study in that discipline. This could involve personal tuititon, joining a class or using a home study course. The world is full of places and people offering courses of study. If you want to spend a lifetime learning to interpret astrological charts, for example, you can.

4. They Use Stock Lines

This approach involves relying on a set of memorised 'stock' lines, known as 'stocks' for short. Different readers will categorise their stocks in different ways. For example, a reader might have stock lines to suit different demographic groups: young male / middle-aged male / senior male and their female equivalents. There is no doubt some readers use stock lines very well. I know at least one very good and successful reader who relies entirely on stock lines.


5. They Learn A Trigger / Link / Association System

Trigger systems associate common variables with specific stock lines. These are also known as link or association systems. Here's a really simple example. Suppose you learn 26 stock lines, each associated with a letter of the alphabet. When you want to give someone a short reading, you base it around whichever lines are associated with their initials. In reality, trigger systems tend to be a bit more sophisticated than this. There are lots of different trigger systems, and people never seem to tire of inventing new ones.


6. They Learn My 'Super Psychic Readings' System

Some people study my Super Psychic Readings system. It has the following characteristics:

  • You don’t have to learn much or go on a lengthy course of study. You can learn all you need to know in a day or two.

  • It’s the most versatile system you can learn. It enables you to give any type of reading you want (tarot, astrology, palm... whatever). You can even make up your own type of readings!

  • No keys or stocks, so every reading is fresh and different.

  • It’s fun for you, and you won’t get bored because you never give the same reading twice.

  • It’s very easy once you get the hang of it (although you do have to practise).

  • You will be able to get amazing ‘hits’ and strong “How could you have possibly known that?!” reactions.

I can teach you my Super Psychic Readings system online or in person. The online training is just £70 / hour and it's fun! Check it out here.


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