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Your voice is like a magical wonder machine. It can help you to achieve so many things! Unfortunately, very few people ever learn to use their voice correctly.


In my books and talks, I often raise this point. Vocal coaches do not just work with singers! They can help you to use your voice to its full potential no matter what you do. If you run your own business, sell, negotiate, present or perform, a couple of lessons with a good vocal coach won't cost much and will pay huge dividends. Business is about people and that means talking to people. The more you know about how to use your voice, the better you'll be at talking.

My number one recommendation: if you want the best vocal coach on the planet, contact my friend Marika Rauscher, the Voice of Choice (that's her in the photo at the top). She's based in London but she can work with you via the internet if you want. Marika is a wonderful singer but she does also help non-singers to use their voice effectively. She's worked with many executives and people running their own business. She also helps me run my Charisma and Leadership course. Say hi to her from me!

Here are some other recommended vocal coaches:

Laura Spicer (UK / internet)

Maeve Höglund (USA / internet)


Tanya Maksood (USA)

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