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The Independent

(Photos below.) Aug 5th, 1994.

A journalist called Duncan Steer got in touch. He told me he wrote a regular column in The Indie called 'Outside Edge' and asked if he could interview me for it. Sure. Why not?

We met at a pub in Islington during my lunch hour and I did a few bits and pieces for him, mainly close-up mentalism tricks. He seemed to enjoy them. We talked about psychic stuff but also the amazing genuine powers of the human mind.

The article was very flattering. However, Duncan did include a comparison with Tony Blair that struck me unfortunate to say the least:

"Rowland himself has the plausible, Tony Blair-ish charisma of someone who has read all the self-improvement gurus out of interest rather than necessity."

I know it was meant in a nice way... but still.


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