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Leeza Gibbons Show (Clairvoyance)

(Photos below). I think this is from around 1998 or 99.

The 'Leeza Gibbons' show was made by Paramount Television. It was a daytime chat and current affairs show.

The producers asked me to be a clairvoyant for this one.

I wrote what seemed to be a fairly detailed clairovoyant report focusing mainly on the client's personality and character but also referring to significant life events. This was adapted from the astrological reading I wrote for the 'Heart of the Matter' show, but with the astro stuff taken out.

I printed four copies and took them along to the studio with me. I sat in a small office and did my best to look clairvoyant. The producers selected four women who were going to be in the studio audience. This was an hour or two before the actual taping of the show. One at a time, these four women came into the office where I was sitting. Apart from saying hello and shaking hands, neither of us said anything. I pretended to get my clairvoyant 'impressions' and to make notes for about ten minutes.

After I had seen all four women, the producers told them that my notes would be printed up and given to them in the form of a report. They wanted the women to assess the accuracy of these reports. What they actually got were the four identical reports I'd written before even going to the studio. During the show, all four women said they thought their 'personal' report was very accurate and convincing. They were then told the truth. None of them were made to feel silly or gullible. Leeza was very sensitive and tactful, and everyone appreciated the item for what it was: an experiment illustrating the need to be careful when we assess these kinds of demonstrations.

I may have the video for this somewhere, on VHS or DVD. However, I'd need signficant tech help to transfer it and present it online and it might be tricky for copyright reasons.

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