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About This Site

​Hi! My name is Ian Rowland though I'm also known as 'The Cold Reading Guy'.

(My other sites are ianrowland.com and theaddictionfixer.com)


I love cold reading. I show people how to use cold reading for business, social and professional purposes. Welcome to my plain, simple website. Help yourself to the Info and Free Stuff or check out my Books, Classes and Personal training. Email me if I can help you with anything: ian@ianrowland.com .

What's It All About?

'Cold Reading' usually refers to the so-called 'psychic' industry and can be defined as 'how to talk to people so you sound psychic'. In short, how to talk to a complete stranger and make apparently accurate statements about their past, present, future and personality. The psychology behind cold reading is fascinating and has many applications outside the 'psychic' arena. See the Info tab for more.

What I Teach

I teach two flavours of cold reading. See Classes and Training for details and videos.

'Cold Reading For Business' is about applying cold reading psychology to business and professional communications. I know that sounds strange, but it's really useful. It's about rapport, persuasion, selling and teaching, and is very useful if you run your own business.

'Super Psychic Readings' is the best, most versatile system ever devised for giving so-called 'psychic readings', although I call  them 'personal' readings. It's a way to give literally any kind of reading you want, to anyone... yet there's very little to learn. It's a great skill to have even if you don't want to give readings as such.

You can always contact me: ian@ianrowland.com