An Exclusive Offer For Friends And Fans of Alex SkipGuru Price​!

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This Information Can Change Your Life!

Hi! My name is Ian Rowland and here's my special offer for fans and followers of my friend Alex Skipguru Price. (My email address:

This offer consists of five amazing, eye-opening books. If you want to transform your business, get more work and make more money, these remarkable books will help you.

Among other things, you'll learn the secrets of rapid rapport, how to persuade people to co-operate or just go into any meeting able to make statements and never be wrong!

You can get these books immediately. Instant downloads, no waiting.

​Total price: just $40, which is phenomenal value. (Price is shown as £34 Britsh money which equals $40. Currency conversion is all done automatically.)

No risk, money-back guarantee! Check out the books for up to 14 days. If you don't think they were worth what you paid, just drop me an email to tell me why and I'll give you a full refund!

Scroll down to see the five amazing books you get in this special offer.

Cold Reading For Business

How to apply cold reading techniques to sales and business situations. 

This 100% practical book explains the best way to prep for any meeting or negotiation. It also gives you eye-opening tools to build rapport, establish cred and trust and get people to co-operate with you as if by magic. This book will transform how you do business with people.

Super Psychic Readings

How to meet a complete stranger and make accurate statements about their life. You will never be wrong.

Why is this useful? Think about the difference between meeting someone and just making small talk/asking questions, and being able to accurately describe their life. It's great for making connections, selling and persuading.

The Practical Persuasion Process

Not a 'theory' book. I guarantee this is a 100% practical, persuasive process you can use in real life. It's how I persuade many of my clients to hire me (including the FBI, Google, Coca-Cola and the British Olympics team).

This book gives you a new way to understand what persuasion is and a practical, five step persuasive process that's easy to use. You will be glad you know about this process.

How To Work For Yourself And Win

I've worked for myself for 22 years. This is the book I wish someone had given me when I started out. All the right things to do, all the mistakes to avoid, all the things that work and all the best ideas to achieve success and build the life you want.

This is absolutely the best book you'll ever read on this subject. If there was any other way to get the information in this book, I wouldn't have had to sit down and write it!

Smart Communication Tips #1

Communication is one of my favourite subjects. Whatever you want to achieve, being a great communicator makes you more likely to succeed. This small booklet contains 20 of my favourite communication tips, from 'Brain chains' to 'LIMO theory'; from 'Modal judo' to 'Un-reverse psychology'. You will learn some smart moves from this booklet!

I send the books to you as a zip file that opens with a click (see here for more info).


The books are Kindle files but don't panic! You do not need a Kindle device. Just get the free Kindle reader software that runs on pretty much anything (see here for more info).

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