The Practical Persuasion Process (Kindle Edition)

Do you want to be persuasive in practical, real-life situations?
Now, you can be!

How did I persuade large companies to hire me in a single call or meeting (e.g. Cocal-Cola, Google, Hewlett-Packard)?
Why did the FBI, the British Olympics Team and the Ministry of Defence hire me specifically to teach them persuasion skills?
The practical persuasion process is the answer.

A lot of people talk about persuasive techbiques in theory. But theory only get you so far. What if you want a practical persuasion process that actually works and get results? This unique book is based on the 20+ years that I've been teaching cold reading and related communication skills, plus my own, personal persuasive system that I use in my personal and professional life.

You can apply the PPP to virtually any situation in which you want to communicate persuasively. It is not about hypnosis, 'magic mind control', pipedreams or theory. It is a 100% practical process, explained in simple steps, that anyone can use and apply.

Credentials And Sources

Part 1: The Practical Persuasion Process
Three Problems
A New Definition
The Five Steps
A Common Barrier
Examples From Real Life

Part 2: Supplementary Techniques
Focus On Feelings (Perceived Emotional Gain)
Make Ideas ‘Sticky’
Use Stories And Narrative
The Role Of Rapport
Models Of Interaction
Body Language
The Language Advantage
Social Engineering
Selling And Objections Based On Price

Part 3: The Persuader’s Checklist


The Practical Persuasion Process (Kindle Edition)

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