Smart Communication Tips #1 (Kindle Edition)
You are in the communication business whether you realise it or not.
Whatever you want to achieve in your personal or professional life, good communication skills are essential. The more you know about smart communication, the easier life gets.

In this booklet, I share 21 of the best, most useful communication techniques I know -- ones that I use in both my personal and professional life. I've run my own successful business for over 20 years. I've had to know how to sell, how to meet peope, set them at their ease, build rapport and arrange deals. Knowing these advanced communication skills has made a very positive difference. 

These techniques aren't just useful if you need to sell. They can be applied to countless different contexts and situations.


Conversation Tracking
Brain Chains
The ‘Comfort’ Formula
Time Negation
Living For Giving
Soft Commands
Defence Triggers
‘Because’ Cues
Un-Reverse Psychology
Pre-emptive Neutralisation
Supply The Mnemonic
LIMO Theory
Avoid Abstraction
Pick Up And Amplify
Danshari Communication
See Beyond Yourself
Modal Judo

Smart Communication Tips #1 (Kindle edition)

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