How To Work For Yourself And Win (Kindle Edition)

If you work for yourself, or think you might like to, this is the book for you.

I've worked for myself for just over 22 years. This is the book I wish someone had given me when I was just starting out. It tells you everything I think is worth knowing about working for yourself successfully and making money. Although the book is written for any and all self-employed people, it is particularly suitable for any young people who want to be performers, artists and entertainers, or who just have rather creative and unusual ambitions.

This book covers just about everything, from first steps and early days to smart ideas about running a successful business, avoiding common traps, boosting your productivity and understanding what 'success' really means.


1. What This Book Is About
2. Changing World, Fewer Jobs
3. Get Yourself Ready
4. Get Your Business Set Up
5. Get Your Product Right
6. Shout About It
7. About Productivity
8. Dealing With Common Blocks
9. Good Things To Do
10. Build Your Network
11. Good Principles To Follow
12. Good Values To Have
13. Good Ways To Respond
14. Things To Avoid
15. Dealing With Criticism
16. About Making Money
17. Success Mythology
18. Success Reality
19. Further Thoughts On Success
20. Thoughts To Share
21. Changes
22. A Bit About Me


How To Work For Yourself And Win (Kindle Edition)

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