An ‘interactive’ art or skill is one that involves dealing with other people in real time. Examples would include selling, giving business presentations, teaching, training and being a performer or an entertainer.

It’s one thing to acquire theoretical knowledge about an interactive skill from books or courses. It’s quite another to apply that knowledge to real-life situations and progress from knowing to doing. This is a problem I’ve struggled with several times in my life and you probably have as well.

Developing proficiency in any area of life takes time and effort. However, it’s especially difficult to practice interactive skills precisely because other people are involved. As we all know, people are intrinsically unpredictable and, on occasion, can also be rather difficult to deal with. (It’s worth adding that people can also be friendly, fun and entirely supportive.)

So, how can you learn a new interactive art of skill? What’s the best way to achieve the transition from theory to practice, from knowing to doing? In this short booklet, I offer several suggestions based on nothing more than a few decades of experience.

From Knowing To Doing

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